Dating dont want kids

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Dating dont want kids - musical updating romeo juliet

Does anyone else think they look strange or is it just me?

I have the option of uplifting my life, and leaving.

(They are third on my list of scariest things, right behind ghosts and spiders.) I try to politely avoid them by saying hello, making quick small talk and moving on to someone else because they are like ticking time bombs.

You don’t know when the bat in the cave is going to come flailing out or trigger some sort of “up the duff” emotional crying session.

To me, babies are watermelon sized aliens that are only very loosely because sometimes they even struggle with these things: eating, pooping, peeing, crying and the worst, staring. I really don’t understand how someone could find an organism that only does five things and can’t even hold its own head up adorable. My aunts and cousins, in a desperate attempt to convert me to make me understand, have chased me around the house and forced me to hold their kids.

I end up holding the child facing out, an arms length away from me until someone feels bad for the thing and takes it away.

(Yes, I know there is a fish in the beer bowl, but it looks the same.)I’m not interested in tearing my body apart for the so-called “miracle of life,” which is really just a euphemism for “sex I will be paying for during the next 18 to 25 years of my life.”Continuing on my selfish rant, I do not want children because I value my freedom too much.

It is so nice to have the option to drop everything and just travel somewhere because I feel like it.That’s definitely a valid feeling, but it’s not something I’ve ever worried about.Even if I’m married when I have kids doesn’t mean it will stay that way, so why insist on it in the first place? A lot of my friends either say they don’t want kids or they’re on the fence about it.From the ages of 0 to 5, there is not much a child can do.They are just learning to walk, talk and properly use the restroom, none of which I am interested in teaching them how to do. Though I had a particularly horrible bunch of children, I found ages 5 to 11 to be slightly more tolerable. Regardless of my answers to these questions, the reactions are always the same. Even if you get past the point of explaining your first reason, it usually leads to the second reaction due to how uncomfortable the other person feels talking to a child-loather.