Dating filmmakers

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Dating filmmakers - Online dirty chat robot

To some degree, people of color in different spaces experience and participate in dating in different ways than their white counterparts, so I think it was important for me to show the realities of that.

The series called The Dangers of Online Dating is set to go up online on Nov. The nine, five minute or so episodes will be released on a weekly basis.“When I first started thinking about writing the show it really seemed like every date I was going on was an episode — a self contained episode,” said Vancouver’s Nord-Stewart.

J: I remember those movies from the 90s, and I’m like “Alright, there’s no movies about young people of color unless it’s about some social issue or it features them in alternate realities or in the past.” I’m into seeing different kinds of people just exist on the screen…

I think that it’s an artist’s job to represent the zeitgeist and the times.

All very “masculine” filmmakers in their own kind of way.

I feel like I saw a lot of what could be done with the artform by looking at their works, and I thought that it was just a very, very strong kind of medium in which to work.

A lot of men are in denial about their own chauvinism.

I think men don’t really know how to work through their emotional issues, and they take out their unrequited love by doing harmful things…

I just wanted to make a movie that was reflective of this moment in time in which like, nobody gets together.

People fundamentally just are not honest with each other when they date nowadays.

In the process of offending her, he goes and tries to make amends, only to try to court her and end up falling for her…

It undermines a lot of rom-com tropes about who gets what and how things go.

Indie filmmaker Tahir Jetter knows that writing and directing a funny movie does not mean shying away from addressing serious themes in his work.

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