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Drive to Jingangting Rd & turn left to S303 onto Airport Expressway.Keep left to Shenhai Expressway & turn left to Jinfu Line.

In 308, during the War of the Eight Princes at the end of the Jin dynasty, the first large-scale migration of Han Chinese immigrants moved to the south and southeast of China began, followed by subsequent waves during later periods of warfare or natural disaster in the Chinese heartland.

Along with the many counties of Ningde, those of Fuzhou are considered to constitute the Mindong (lit. Fuzhou lies on the north (left) bank of the estuary of Fujian's largest river, the Min River.

All along its northern border lies Ningde, and Ningde's Gutian County lies upriver.

The Han dynasty followed the short-lived Qin, and Emperor Gaozu of Han declared both Minyue and neighboring Nanyue to be autonomous vassal kingdoms.

In 202 BC, Emperor Gaozu enfeoffed a leader named Wuzhu (; Old Chinese: Lya; literally: Beautiful) was built.

From South - Follow Fuxia Road into G324, Head north to Second Ring Road Express Way and head to Beiyuan Bridge, then continue head north about 5km into Qi'an Bridge then drive straight for 4km to Youxizhou Bridge, Turn left to Jiang Bin West Avenue, Hilton Fuzhou is on San Di Lian Bang Center.

From East - Follow S203 Highway to S1531 then take LI REN Bridge, heading towards Airport Motorway, then heading for Kuai An Tube.

After 430m, turn right to Kaifang Rd & turn left to Dazhong Zhong Rd.

Shocked bystanders cared for the child and gave her water while they waited for an ambulance, in scenes filmed and shared online by social media users.

Follow Second Ring express, Hotel is on San Di Lian Bang Center.

From West - Follow Fuwan Road into Shuanghuhutong Roundabout and exit on Jianxin South Road to Second Ring Express way, head into Youxizhou Bridge and turn into Jiangbin West Avenue, Hotel is on San Di Lian Bang Center.

Han Dynasty historian Sima Qian wrote that the surviving members of the Yue royal family fled south to what is now Fujian, where they settled alongside the native Yue people, joining Han and Yue culture to create Minyue.