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Multivariable analysis, adjusted for age, gender, race/ethnicity, smoking history and weight, was performed using linear regression.Power calculations revealed that, relative to the seronegatives, the study was able to detect a 10 percent decrease in the parameters measured with power (1 – beta) of 0.65 to 0.85 for HTLV-I and 0.82 to 0.96 for HTLV-II.

However it is unknown whether HTLV-I or -II infection alters pulmonary function.], in bronchoalveolar lavage fluid from HTLV-I infected humans.In addition, mice transgenic for HTLV-I p40 tax had lymphocytic infiltration of peribronchial and perivascular lung tissues associated with intrapulmonary expression of tax m RNA [].Such information is important because the pathologic spectrum of these chronic human retroviral infections has not been completely described.In addition, such information would be useful to physicians who must counsel or treat persons found to be HTLV-I or -II seropositive by serologic screening at the time of blood donation, military service, or as part of clinical care associated with injection drug use.There was no difference in measured pulmonary function and diffusing capacity in generally healthy HTLV-I and HTLV-II subjects compared to seronegatives.

These results suggest that previously described HTLV-associated abnormalities in bronchoalveolar cells and fluid may not affect pulmonary function.For each of the pulmonary function measures, means and 95 percent confidence intervals were calculated.The mean of each parameter was compared between the HTLV-I, HTLV-II and seronegative groups using ANOVA tests.The Committee on Human Research of the University of California San Francisco, San Francisco, CA, USA, has approved the study.Among the 258 subjects enrolled in the study, one subject had only one instead of three expiratory efforts recorded.Although the three groups were of similar height, HTLV-I infected subjects had a non-significant trend toward lower body weight.