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[Skid Row (Gary Moore) – An Awful Lot Of Woman / Unco-Up Showband Blues – Live, 1971 (Remastered)] Based on few visual clues the guitar seems to be a modified early 50s goldtop.The pickups are P90s with black plastic covers and a matching toggle switch cover, and the guitar is fitted with three 50s barrel knobs and one reflector knob.

In the following years he joined the band Skid Row, then Thin Lizzy in 1974, and finally Colosseum II with whom he would play up until 1977/78.As some of our recent repair projects have shown, we don’t always get repair projects that are quite this easy, but they do happen.Our next article on this pedal will cover some modifications for better tone.Since 1979 Gary focused entirely on his solo career, during which he released a number of highly successful albums, including “Still Got The Blues” (1990) which became one of the fan’s favorites.He remained active until his untimely death in February 2011.We decided to trace the signal with an oscilloscope, but while moving the board around to get it ready, we heard a sudden “bleeep” sound through the amp.

By holding the board at a particular angle we were able to momentarily get an output signal.

For this reason we write “The Repair Bench” section of Guitar Kit Builder about our own troubleshooting of amplifiers and other devices, to pass along to the reader the thought process, tips and techniques of troubleshooting electronic equipment.

IBANEZ TS9 TUBE SCREAMER In this edition of The Repair Bench we troubleshoot an Ibanez TS9 Tube Screamer effect pedal. The owner reported that the pedal simply stopped working at some point.

The finish on the body look amateur-ish red sunburst refinish, since the red seems to fade much closer to the center than on factory models.

The most promising clue to give us the exact dating of the guitar is the trapeze tailpiece.

We loosened the potentiometer mounting nut, rotated the pot to its proper position (photo below) and tightened the nut.