Dating in ithaca

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Dating in ithaca

Cornell does draw a wide range of populations and people to Ithaca but on it's own without Cornell, Ithaca is not going to be a great dating area.Weather questions are really dependent on the person.

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That's 4 hours without traffic, especially if one is driving the typical Ithaca car, a 1990 Honda Civic wagon held together by bumperstickers. You are in close proximity to other cities too like Syracuse, Rochester, Binghamton and Elmira, among others.(It used to take me five, driving what was then a typical car, a 1975 Volvo 245, when PA proudly announced on its border "Radar For Your Protection, Speed Limit 55.")I say do it. So, it's not like it is totally in the middle of nowhere.It's a safe city and is pretty cosmopolitan in general, regardless of size.mmflack- OK, lived in Berkley, Boulder, spent childhood on a farm, academic, veg.....After you create your account, you'll be able to customize options and access all our 15,000 new posts/day with fewer ads.Hi everyone: I need your practical opinion/advice re: considering a move to Ithaca. I did my undergraduate at UC Berkeley and then lived in Boulder, CO for a few years.Ithaca may be about the most suitable place in NY state for you!

You'll get used to the cold, but yeah, its a very different kind of winter from what you've experienced in Boulder.Nowhere near as big and 'urban' or quite as up-to-date as Boulder or especially Berkley, but having been to both of those cities numerous times I find Ithaca more 'real.' There are those who absolutely hate Ithaca, usually for ideological or climatological reasons- but there are many who have a similar orientation to you who absolutely love the place.It is big enough that you'll find a 'tribe' to fit into, but small enough that there is a sense of community to the city.Thanks, Maggie On paper Ithaca has low unemployment.In reality there are few real career opportunities - some but relatively few spinoff businesses from research at Cornell, compared to other universities of that caliber.Now, I'm 38, single no kids and want to return to graduate school to finish my Ph D.