Dating mike garson

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Dating mike garson

This one was like we were playing faithful to all those recordings and David’s voice was a little lower so it was actually very rich and lovely to listen to. We had played 113 shows and we had another 23 to do those would have been really joyful and that was sad.

When Bowie first hired Garson to join a touring group which included Mick Ronson, Trevor Bolder and Woody Woodmansey it appears he was looking to push his music far beyond the confines of rock ’n’ roll.Forty-four years later – and now aged 72 – he will be performing the album in its entirety live in homage to Bowie, his long-time friend who died of cancer in 2016.Garson credits the promoter Tom Wilcox for having the idea for this tour which brings both the pianist and his involvement in the songs full circle.If you listen to Disco King, if you listen to Earthling, if you listen to Battle For Britain and Dead Man Walking.“It’s just that in the ’70s it was all part of the zeitgeist going on, all the coordinates fit, just like the Beatles or Dylan or the Rolling Stones, but his artistry never actually stopped.In some ways it might have got greater, it’s just that history hasn’t caught up with it yet.”He’s particularly fond of The Buddha of Suburbia, from 1993.It was the third time we recorded it, we recorded it on Black Tie, White Noise, but he never released it, and we recorded it on Earthling but he never released it.

Those versions were amazing, however he wanted the one of just piano and voice and that’s what ended up on the Reality album and that was fun.”Garson accompanied Bowie on the fateful Reality world tour, which abruptly halted in Germany in 2004 when the singer suffered a heart attack.“I did that whole album in three hours in California,” he says.“He brought the tapes out and I went in, I had no music and I just played.”The final Bowie album he worked on was Reality, in 2003.Recorded in 1973 when David Bowie and his band were at the peak of their glam rock powers, Aladdin Sane is noted not only for songs such as The Jean Genie or Panic in Detroit, or photographer Brian Duffy’s famous shot of the singer in ‘lightning bolt’ make-up, but also for the introduction of an up-and-coming piano player from New York.Mike Garson was then 27 years old when he cut his dazzling contributions to the album’s title track and the Brecht-like ballad Time.“Again David realised I worked very fast in the studio and the best way for him to get the most music out of me was to bring me in at the end,” Garson remembers.

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