Dating powder horns

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Dating powder horns - Seks live chat

Item Code RT0493, Price SOLD (GBP) This is the ultimate powder tin!!! Item Code PF0022, Price SOLD (GBP) A very rare 18th Century kidney shaped hard leather pistol powder flask with turned baluster top and wrap around spring. The flask is definitely all original and the body shape is as per the factory manufacture. A flask for the collector who has everything (or thought he did). Item Code PF0117, Price SOLD (GBP) A very rare flask with knuckle joint top and sprung hinged lid. The brass peg is missing from the top of the horn in the top of the photos and the peg on the other horn is loose.

A few minor dents and very slight separation of the seam on the bottom. Left to right: Hawksley pattern (but no maker mark) oakleaf design pistol powder flask 5" overall in very good condition, no dents, original spring and good colour SOLD. James Dixon & Sons three way powder flask measuring 3 1/4" overall. Spring is missing and there is a dent in one side of the body. Very good condition and a hard to find accessory for a cased pair or pistols. Very good untouched condition with quite a bit of the original lacquer. There are a few minor dents which you can see in the photos. Item Code PF0054, Price SOLD (GBP) An original and very rare 17th Century powder flask flattened horn body. Good condition SOLDItem Code PF0230, Price SOLD (GBP) A three way powder flask for a pair of flintlock duelling or officers pistols. The flask has been recovered in leather at some time past but it has been well done and looks quite good. It has engravings of several ships, a flowering vine, a school of fish, and the Moore House and gardens, where General George Cornwallis negotiated the British surrender after the Battle of Yorktown.This horn also has an inscription with the name of the owner: “James Downae his horn, made by E.5" overall and in excellent condition with most of the original painted finish. Item Code PF0257, Price 185 (GBP) A small pistol powder flask of the type cased with Adams and Tranter 80 bore and 120 bore percussion revolvers. Very good condition retaining lots of the original lacquer. Item Code PF0203, Price SOLD (GBP) A late 18th Century powder horn which is engraved with the crown and crescent of the Percy Family of Alnwick Castle. Item Code PF0208, Price SOLD (GBP) A 19th Century powder flask by James Dixon & Sons of the type that was cased with London Colt Navy revolvers. This one is their famous rifle flask and it would be one of the last powder flasks made by the Company and whilst not up to the quality of their production in the 19th Century, it would make an interesting addition to a serious collection of powder flasks to represent the end of the line for one of the best and largest manufacturers of powder flasks that ever was. Item Code PF0194, Price SOLD (GBP) A James Dixon & Sons pistol size powder flask of the type cased with English percussion revolvers such as Tranter and Adams. The nozzle is adjustable from 2/8 drams to 4/8 drams. The brass edging is missing from the horn body, but interestingly this reveals how the two horn sides were connected - wired together and they are tight and solid. Item Code PF0178, Price SOLD (GBP) A rare and large 18th Century powder flask made about 1770. The spring has been replaced, but is of the correct pattern. Item Code PF0177, Price SOLD (GBP) A good shot flask by James Dixon & Sons Sheffield. The leather bag is larger than normal measures 9" overall. Item Code PF0158, Price SOLD (GBP) A shot belt by Sykes with a very rare adjustable irish charger graduated up to 2 ounces. Very good condition with lots of lacquer remaining and perfect stitching. Item Code PF0127, Price SOLD (GBP) A very rare three way pistol size powder flask by James Dixon & Sons Sheffield and so marked on the charger. Item Code PF0145, Price SOLD (GBP) An early 19th Century riflemans powder horn with a spring loaded adjustable charger. Similar to a gunners priming horn but smaller and with a brass screw off bottom for filling. Item Code PF0148, Price SOLD (GBP) A rare original 19th Century gunstock powder flask by James Dixon & Sons Sheffield. Marked with the Victorian design mark on one side of the body and the registered design number on the other side. Item Code PF0112, Price SOLD (GBP) A rare pistol powder flask with an overall pineapple type pattern.

Item Code PF0272, Price 320 (GBP) An attractive early and highly unusual scrimshawed powder horn made from pressed cow horn. Probably German and dating from the 18th Century or earlier. Spring broken and top frozen (needs a good soak in oil). This horn was one of several hundred which was issued to the Percy Tenantry Volunteers at Alnwick Castle who were raised as a private army or militia in the late 18th/early 19th Century when Britain was in fear of invasion by Napoleon. Excellent condition with most of the original lacquer on the body of the flask. Item Code PF0188, Price SOLD (GBP) A very rare pistol size gunstock pattern powder flask by James Dixon & Sons Sheffield. Item Code PF0181, Price SOLD (GBP) A horn kidney shape powder flask with turned baluster nozzle dating from the late 18th Century. I think the spring has been replaced but it is of correct size and pattern. Measures 9 3/4" overall and is the largest one of this period that I have seen. Item Code PF0184, Price SOLD (GBP) A Powder flask by G & J. Hawksley Sheffield of the pattern that were cased with Colt London Navy 1851 revolvers. The charger is adjustable from 3/4, 7/8 to 1 dram.. Item Code PF0186, Price SOLD (GBP) A small powder flask by G & J. Hawksley Sheffield suitable for casing with Adams or Tranter 80 bore percussion revolvers. The leather is in good condition but the stitching is broken for several inches. Item Code PF0152, Price SOLD (GBP) A rare Russian gunners powder horn for priming cannon. Item Code PF0149, Price SOLD (GBP) A planished tin powder flask with nickel silver top and fittings by G & J. The top unscrews and the charger is adjutable (both features uncommon in three way flasks). Excellent condition with lots of the original lacquer. I believe these flasks were used for filling cartridges. Probably intended for use with the Baker rifle or similar. This is a Hawksley pattern and it is the first time I have seen this pattern in a small flask. Excellent condition with loads of lacquer remaining. Hawksley with a nozzle mounted with a side lever and adjustable upto 5 drams. I have always been interested in the colonial era of American history.I was excited to come across a unique form of cartographic artifact during this time: the powder horn map.The Geography and Map Division’s collection includes five horns of British origin dating from the French and Indian War era, three American-engraved horns from during the Revolutionary War, and one believed to have been made or carried by a Pennsylvania frontiersman sometime between 17.Several of the horns are inscribed with the names of their owners.Secured by a strap attached at each end, powder horns were worn across the shoulder, with the horn’s curve making it ideal for carrying close to the body, making the map readily accessible.