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Datingscores com - consolidating debt hurt credit score

I don't always want to have this problem and I know I will overcome it, and this is how I will do it.' " The concept of finding your perfect match via credit score seems to be catching on: Credit Score currently has 35,000 members, up from 15,000 in 2013.

"My naysayers are people who don't understand credit or the importance of it," Green said.Related: 3 Secrets to a Better Job and More Money Green attributes the millennial interest to other factors, based on feedback from social networking his company does."I'm also hearing these young people say, 'I'm at a point in my life where it's time to get serious.' " When you come to a site where you have to present your credit score, he said, "it's not because you want to play." Green, who is also the CEO of Green Walk Media Group, a multimedia company that produces books, magazines, music, film and television, is so optimistic about the attention his site is getting that he is coming out with an app to alert members to other members in their area who share the same credit score.Younger daters are not as concerned about these three digits: 45% of older millennials, defined here as those aged 27 to 36, said that knowing someone’s credit score would only have a minor impact on their desire to date.By showing an interest in these three digits, people are probably being smart rather than shallow, says Jeffrey Hall, associate professor of communications at the University of Kansas.With 70 percent of marriages ending in divorce due to financial disagreements, those looking for a partner are increasingly popping the big question: What is your credit score? Related: The 3 Biggest Money Mistakes Couples Make "It was my job to determine if there would be a relationship between the bank and the borrower based on their credit score," he said.

Banks, landlords, insurance companies, employers and even Internet providers have been relying on this three-digit calculation to measure a person's character and decide if they want to take a risk on you. That's just what Niem Green, founder and CEO of Credit Score, thought when he launched his dating website in 2006 after working for a number of years as an underwriter for a bank.In addition, he has written a book entitled and is launching an online reality television dating series in which six members of Credit Score live in a house together and are given real-world financial tasks, then are judged on how well they pay bills and budget their funds.Most credit scores, including the well-known FICO score, range from 301 to 850."I'm a big proponent of a couple's talking about finances," she said. It still shocks me when I meet married couples who have a hard time talking about it.Usually it's because there's a history of fighting because one's a spender and one's a saver," she said.The Citi online survey also found that one in four respondents said they would actually prefer that their significant other discuss finances more often, and nearly seven out of 10 have avoided bringing up the topic of money to prevent an argument.