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Dave Baez is an amazing dad to 3 amazing little creatures June Jolie, Bugsy Baez, and the late Max.Dave is an actor/model and has been living his dreams and been fortunate to make a living doing what he loves. The first 1/2 of my life was really tough and I went through allot of pain so I feel like God gave Dave to me as a gift to make the second 1/2 of my life full of light. He is not a weekend dad at all he is actually a weekday dad! I will never forget how vulnerable he was that day. He was just returning from a casting , we were on the back porch.

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His Absolute Theater Company’s annual Urban Fairy Tale Theater Festival provided so many actors the opportunity to sink their teeth into juicy meaty material .

I do not know where I would be as an artist if I hadn’t linked up with Charles and became an honorary “munster” of his Absolute Theater Co.

Charles challenged me to expand and grow as an artist by giving me creative opportunities and roles that point blank scared the shit out of me.

He was always encouraging those around him to draw from their own soul’s experiences and to write down their own stories.

He appreciated and celebrated people for who they were with all of their unique “munster” idiosyncrasies and foibles and not who he wanted them to be.

Life is a constant collaboration between the supreme creative force of the universe and our own abilities coming together in a moment to manifest our destiny on a daily basis. He told stories about people from all walks of life and from many differing cultures.

So that is my resolution and my commitment this year. The subjects of his plays varied from football players and cheerleaders “Somewhere in Texas” to getting “86’d” from an 8th Avenue, Port Authority NYC Hustler Bar to the story of”Jacob and Sara”‘ a newly married Orthodox Jewish couple living in Williamsburg, Brooklyn then “Back to the Barrio” and the bodega and cuchifrito culture of Spanish Harlem all the way overseas to an Italian family of circus clowns in “November 10th, 1989”.

This melodic mantra by the great jazz trumpeter Donald Byrd has become my theme song for 2017.

By the end of it, I felt like Leonardo Di Caprio in “The Revenant” after getting mauled by the bear, except thankfully I wasn’t abandoned by those closest to me.

Today is my husband’s birthday and I am going to take advantage of this awesome day and do a little bragging on my better half.

You guys probably know Dave as my husband who I’m always kissing or hugging on my instagram feed but you may not know everything there is to know about his tall, dark, handsome, soulful, big hearted , sometimes shy, super deep, spiritual being that appeared in my life almost 8 years ago.

What we do, how we choose to live, the actions we take to create our lives moment to moment from birth to death will continue to be felt and produce a resounding wave of meaning and significance in the wake after the wake.