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David deangelo dating material - bible quotes dating relationships

And that was just the ORIGINAL version, since then it has been updated with even more great information.

I’ve spent more on bad colognes that I hoped would get me noticed by women, whereas this book is guaranteed to improve your success with women.If you decide to read only one book about meeting and attracting women, David’s book is your best bet for success.It’s an easy read, the materials are easy to retain, and you can implement the knowledge immediately.Remember when girls in elementary school would run around blushing and try to kiss the boys they had crushes on? The power is all in your hands once they are pursuing YOU. Throughout my teenage life, I’ve missed the boat on countless opportunities for romance and with the girls that I liked and were actually interested in me as well. Obviously, there were several major things I did wrong which all added up to spell D-I-S-A-S-T-E-R.Well, creating this wonderful attraction is still possible even when you’re an adult(! Getting your targets to say “I have a crush on [insert your name here]. How you carry yourself in a room, interact with hot women, and especially how you keep them coming back for more is all covered in this book. I blew it with every one of them and could never figure out what went wrong, and started concocting with my own illogical bullshit theories that were totally false and only made things worse. Even many precautions of which ASF itself doesn’t even touch upon caused my chances my potential success to fly out the window.They recently cut the price in half from the original 40 bucks, it is now so cheap it is crazy. Of all the products I know out there right now, there really is no better, ahem, pardon the pun, “bang for your buck”.

So don’t wait, just check it out now, and get your bucks getting you banging ASAP!

There were so many earth-shattering concepts in it that I was pretty much literally blown away at the time.

I remember clearly how I literally looked at women differently as I felt like I had been given a secret code to understand them, like a Rosetta stone of the female psychology.

David has alro recently updated his book to contain a lot more info and is even more helpful than before.

I highly recommend it.~Formhandle (aka Jay Valens, Fast Seduction 101 Webmaster)Tokyo PUA reviews the 2nd Edition of Double Your Dating: The first version of this book was the first full e Book that I ever read on the subject of seduction, and it was literally one of the transformative events in my life.

] Below is what a number of readers are saying about the e Book Double Your Dating, written by David De Angelo (originally known by “Sisonpyh” from Cliff’s List).

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