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I opened Quartz’s new app and was greeted with a text message: “Yep, it’s really happening: Trump and Sanders won big in New Hampshire.” Below it appeared side-by-side portraits of Trump’s scowl and Bernie’s grin.To read more, I tapped a ready-made text reply containing a donkey, an elephant, and an American flag emoji. This is the future of mobile news, as Quartz envisions it.

Instead of headlines, you get messages that read like texts from a friend—if your friend were a news-obsessed but reliable source with an irreverent tone of voice. “What’s the busiest airport in the world, by number of passengers, Atlanta or Beijing? For news outlets, “it’s a very underutilized interface,” says Daniel Lee, who led the design on the app. It’s not an excerpt from the article—it’s a conversational blurb written specifically for the chat interface.

Open it at any given time, and a synopsis of a news item, written by a team of about six editors in Washington, D. A hyperlink arrow next to a text bubble signals that you can click through to a full article (which could be from an organization like The New York Times or Reuters, in addition to Quartz), but you don’t have to.

You can query the app for more highlights from the current article, or ping it for other news recaps.

Everything is displayed in text bubbles that deliberately mimic i OS’s i Message interface.

“It’s intuitive because it’s a format that we use everyday, as far as i Message goes, Facebook Messenger, and Slack,” Lee says.

“Then again, it says it’ll delete them after a couple of seconds, but that’s not always what happens — if they’re quick enough, they’ll screenshot it,” she said.

A police spokesperson said: "Our advice would be for people not to share any personal information with strangers online”.A schoolgirl in Limerick, Ireland - where the app is taking off - told the Irish Mirror: “People would send nudes and underwear pictures, boys and girls both - it’s mostly used to text and get pictures from each other".Catherine Fitzgerald, Chairperson of the Parents’ Association at Salesian Secondary College Pallaskenry, Co Limerick, said apps like Yellow are “extremely worrying”.Zach Seward, an executive editor at Quartz, had one that let you send text messages to Taylor Swift.It wasn’t perfect, and Lee points out that the Taylor Swift bot couldn’t always reply, but “we all kind of fell in love with the idea of it,” he says.I ran Quartz’s new app by Webb, who also co-founded the now-shuttered design studio Berg, and he says this is absolutely where apps are headed.

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