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Meanwhile Williams, who also has two biological children who grew up with Kamiyah, will be extradited back to Florida as soon as possible and is being held without bond, according to Jacksonville Sheriff Mike Williams. The news came as a shock to neighbors who said Williams seemed like any regular member of the community.Williams was employed as a social worker and attended church every Sunday, where she also led the youth program.

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Jacksonville police said the teenager found out on Friday morning that the woman who raised her in Walterboro her whole life was not her real mother.

The 18-year-old who found out this week that the woman who raised her was not her real mother had an 'inclination' she may have been kidnapped, police said.

Alexis Manigo only found out on Friday that her real name was Kamiyah Mobley and that Gloria Williams kidnapped her from a Florida hospital on the day she was born.

Kamiyah's biological family is now planning their reunion with the teen. She told us she'd be here soon to see us.'Velma, who prayed she would see her granddaughter before the day she died, told the New York Daily News 'everyone broke down in tears' during the conversation.'We lost her for 18 years,' Velma said.

Craig and Kamiyah's grandmother Velma Aiken revealed that they immediately noticed that Kamiyah looked like her father, according to First Coast News. I just can't wait for her to come here, so I can be with her for the first time.' Velma, 66, said her granddaughter chatted with the family as if they had known each other her whole life. 'We don't want to lose her again.' It was just after 3pm on July 10, 1998 when a woman wearing a blue floral smock and green scrub pants took eight-hour-old Kamiyah in a white blanket and disappeared.

She was also charged with a minor crime for disturbing the peace two months after Kamiyah was abducted, reports.

The sheriff said Kamiyah had lived at the home with Williams and other members of her kidnapper's family. Records show that Williams and her family were evicted at least six times from six different addresses.Just hours after police revealed that Kamiyah Mobley had been found, Manigo took to Facebook to defend her abductor.'My mother raised me with everything I needed and most of all everything I wanted,' she wrote.Within hours Manigo was able to reconnect over Face Time with Shanara and her father Craig Aiken, who both cried 'tears of joy' after a detective told them their baby had been found.Her family is planning to drive to South Carolina on Saturday to reunite with the daughter they thought they had lost forever.Kamiyah was not present when she was taken in to custody.

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