Full house the dating game josh

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Full house the dating game josh - lock shock fanfic dating couple love nightmare before christmas

Jesse intervenes, and Stephanie finally gives in and tells Jesse, who calls the city and has Charles put into a foster family home away from his father.Stephanie feels guilty at first about Charles being separated from his father, but then she realizes that telling an adult was the right thing to do, and starts to appreciate her own father.

Meanwhile, Danny tries to spend time with Nicky and Alex because Michelle is growing up. Meanwhile, Michelle is scared by Goatboy and Muttman stories, and gets more afraid when Joey starts acting aggressive.

Meanwhile, Joey has a crush on his boss at the radio station, so Jesse sets up a date for them.

Preoccupied by celebrating her six months with Steve, D. forgets about Kimmy's 16th birthday, so a last-minute party is concocted with the help of her family.

However, after a cute mock ceremony, Michelle discovers it is not the real thing, which upsets her.

Meanwhile, Jesse tries to figure out how to use a computer and Danny and Joey reminisce about an old flame.

Meanwhile, Nicky and Alex get their first haircut at Joey's Uncle Jasper's (Dave Coulier) barber shop. Vicky's mother, Liz re-decorates Stephanie and Michelle's room, but Danny is not ready to change his ways or his environment. Stephanie and Michelle hatch a plan to get them back together. to find out that Steve is planning to move to Florida for college, upon graduating.

Meanwhile, Jesse and Joey get a new boss, which frightens them. Danny is sad that he won't be spending Christmas with Vicky. Meanwhile, Becky misses having white Christmases in Nebraska, and Jesse takes Stephanie and Michelle to a homeless shelter to show them the real meaning of Christmas.

Steve accidentally tells Kimmy that DJ put the party together in fifteen minutes.

Jesse lies on an application for the twins to get into an exclusive pre-school, but he has to think fast when the school says that they are interested.

Rebecca also has to deal with Jesse's recent climb to stardom as he tours Japan with his band for the first half of the season, in the second half of the season, he returns to high school to get his diploma. Meanwhile, with Vicky living in Chicago because of her job, Danny is making important decisions on how they will maintain a long-distance relationship. tries to help Kimmy run for student body president. Meanwhile, Michelle tries to learn how to tie her shoes.

Stephanie and Michelle are not amused by Steve and after a boring summer, they decide to have some fun by illegally sneaking onto a plane to New Zealand.

Stephanie "goes out" with a friend, thinking that it is an actual date.

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