How to avoid dating an abusive creep

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How to avoid dating an abusive creep - Free personal live chat with sexy slut

"Then he started showing up in college and picking fights with my friends. He also insisted on sending me to college and picking me up after class.

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However, when Gary hit her a week later for going out "without telling him", Rachel became afraid. Control and social isolation, says Women's Aid Organisation executive director Sumitra Visvanathan, are among the hallmarks of abusive behaviour.

Even when the relationship is problematic, the alternative - not being in a relationship - seems worse because of the expectation they feel," she says.

Girls, especially, need to know that they have the right to be happy, the right to safety, the right to say no and the right to be heard.

When Rachel's boyfriend, Gary, read a text message on her phone complimenting an outfit she wore, he got very angry.

Gary accused her of flirting with other boys and demanded that she stay away from her friends, outside of class.

Control isn't love It isn't always a good thing if your partner wants you "all to himself" all the time, says WAO case manager, Charlene Murray.

"More than 90 per cent of of our clients who come to us for help do not have anyone they can turn to.

Gary had lost his temper with Rachel before, but this time it was different.

He was enraged and started keeping tabs on her - checking her phone messages and emails, and tracking her on his phone.

Many of these cases go unreported and therefore, unchecked.

"About two-thirds of my young patients are grappling with symptoms that stem from problematic relationships.

Control in a relationship can manifest in many ways.

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