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In an attempt to "grow up" for Robbie, Georgia then goes to have "snogging lessons" with Peter Dyer.

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On the first day of the school year Georgia and her friends, Jas, Ellen, and Rosie spot two new brothers that have just moved to Eastbourne from London. The girls follow the boys, who are exploring Eastbourne with their friend Dave the Laugh.

‘Perfect’ snogging, on the other hand, seems rather unambitious and self-satisfied. But it does make the film more marketable to a pre-teen audience, the ‘tweenagers’ for whom I think it has really been targeted (and who seem to enjoy it), not the younger teenagers who actually read the books, and understand the emotions Rennison writes about.

The books are funny, and are read by clever girls who enjoy not just the evocation of their lives, but the surreal humour, the word-play and the social comedy. It’s the surreal insanity, switchback logic and hyper-real wit of Georgia Nicolson which teenagers relish.

I was teaching in a girls’ comprehensive school when I first encountered Georgia Nicolson, the character at the centre of Louise Rennison’s sequence of novels which begins with Angus, Thongs and Full-Frontal Snogging (note the slight change in the title, more of that later). Enthusiastically, I barged on, keen to encourage her reading. For the uninitiated (or the celibate) reading this review, ‘nunga-nungas’ are Georgia Nicolson’s euphemism for breasts (also known in this film as ‘bazoomas’).

During an English lesson in the library, I bumped into one of my pupils (at the time a twelve-year old, now a fine art student at a major London art college). But it was a bit more than that passing reference to breasts that caused her blushes.

For such viewers, the very straight filmic language used by Gurinda Chadha and her cinematographer Richard Pope, does not communicate Nicolson’s mad, witty world.

Fourteen- and fifteen-year olds often seem to live life in stronger colours than older human beings, and there’s only a passing sense of that in this film.

Georgia has a snogging scale, but it only goes up to nine: when you get to ten, you have to deploy the shagging scale.

This is a good joke, and one which, though in the script—and filmed—doesn’t make it into the film. ‘Full Frontal Snogging’ makes it clear where all this febrile teenage mooning is ultimately destined—and it’s that charge of hope, excitement and expectation which gives the books an added interest to young teenagers.

In order to get away from Peter, Georgia tells him that she is a lesbian.

Tom invites Jas to go swimming with him and Robbie.

In the midst of all these, Georgia's father has been offered a job in New Zealand, and he goes to New Zealand to prepare for the family to move out with him.

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