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But with age came tremendous increases in the number of clansmen who claimed allegiance to each clan.

But unlike the feudal system in which the people owned nothing, and were indebted with everything, even their very lives to the feudal lord; in a clan, the loyalty of the people to their chief and the reciprocal loyalty of the chief to his people were equal.Clans were sometimes divided into various branches as time went on and the number of clansmen increased.The branches became known as either clans in their own right, or as septs of the original clan.For example, the Shaws trace their origin back to Farquhart Shaw (Shaw Mor), who was a chief of Clan Mackintosh.Such a clan is often referred to as a cadet of the original clan.The Scottish clans took the concept of heraldry a step further than just the use of coats of arms by the introduction of the tartan as a means of clan identification.

The word tartan refers to the plaid design created by the use of particular colors of warp and weft threads in the process of weaving.

A chief of a clan would obtain a grant of arms from the monarch and then he and his clansmen would decorate their shields with the design.

More than simply being a method for an opposing army to identify them on the battlefield, the use of the chiefs arms gave the clansmen a sense of pride and kinship.

The Public Register of all Arms and Bearings in Scotland was established by an Act of the Scottish Parliament in 1672.

The Lord Lyon King of Arms was appointed to maintain the heraldic Register.

For the sake of simplification, heraldry, the granting of arms (often referred to as coats of arms), was established primarily as a means to distinguish a man and his followers on the battlefield.