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Trong đó mỗi bản ghi là 1 bộ dữ liệu của 1 sv có cấu trúc: MSV, Ho ten, diem toan, diem ly, diem hoa. Trong đó dùng kỹ thuật hàm để viết hàm tính Câu 6: Viết chương trình tạo 1 tệp dữ liệu ở ổ E: gồm n bản ghi (n nhập từ bàn phím).

Lucky plays the New Amsterdam Theatre and closes after seventy-one performances.

Jolson saw Sidewalks of New York at the Woods Theatre in Chicago on April 9, 1928.

He already knew who Ruby was, but that night in Chicago was when he was smitten.

Writers have tended to white-wash Ruby’s relationship with Johnny, claiming he was just a friend protecting the young girl from nasty characters.

The fact, however, is that Ruby was Costello’s girlfriend from the time she was seventeen years old.

By way of a personal review, I preferred the more compelling narrative of Michael Freedland’s biography to Goldman’s, but Goldman’s volume is superior in value of facts, resources and leads.

The material he compiles about Keeler is extensive, and much of it will be cannibalized here.(The Silver Slipper was a nightclub owned by Johnny Irish and Billy Grady.Goldman does not mention whether there were other owners.) Billy Grady becomes Ruby’s agent later that same year.Perlberg, who was handling the details of Ruby’s picture-palace tour for Grady and the William Morris Agency, told her to drop by and sign the necessary contract the next day.When she got there, Ruby was amazed to find Al Jolson—greeting her like an old friend and insisting he could get her even more money than Grady had.Ruby was, by then, no longer innocent, but she recognized the value of her charm and could appear naïve when the occasion demanded.

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