Kip cam adult

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Kip cam adult

Then we see these seniors, big old guys, running out to their cars, and we know something must be going on."The two boys turned around and headed back toward Nick's house, just a couple of blocks from the school."But we still really didn't take it seriously," Tony said.

"Like, ' Get a room.'" Just a few feet from Ben, Kip pulled the rifle out from under his trench coat and shot the boy once in the head.

A girl named Melissa Taylor told friends later that she thought somebody was shooting a paint-ball gun.

When she felt a sting on her shoulder, then turned and saw a red stain, Melissa said, "I thought, ' Man, that guy ruined my shirt.'"Kyle Howes and his girlfriend, Melissa Femrite, both sixteen-year-old sophomores, were standing at the snack bar while she tried to persuade him to buy a bagel for breakfast instead of Starburst candy.

Mikael's friend Ryan Crowley was next to him, watching his friend die, as Kip turned, put the rifle in Ryan's face and pulled the trigger on an empty chamber, the last of his fifty rounds expended.

Ryan flailed at Kip's face as the boy reached for the 9 mm Glock in his waistband.

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Since moisture and electronics don’t play well together, I exposed my camera equipment to the elements only when the risk was worth the effort. Early today, shortly after I filled my grape jelly feeder, I had a pair of brightly-colored Baltimore orioles stopping by for a bite of jelly.

Something's really going on.' Then we look at each other and go, ' They said it was Kip.'"Just minutes earlier, a school security camera at Thurston had caught several frames of Kip entering the school from the north parking lot, where he had left his dead parents' Ford Explorer.

The video detected no sign of the .22-caliber semiautomatic rifle the boy held concealed under a long tan trench coat, or of the two pistols tucked into the waistband of his black cargo pants.

ip Kinkel's two closest friends, Tony Mc Cown and Nick Hiaasen, were walking onto Springfield, Oregon's Thurston High School campus at about five minutes to eight on the morning of May 21st when a group of boys came running out through the double doors of the main entrance, shouting at the two freshmen to turn and run."These were guys we call 'cowboys,'" Tony explained, "little hicks who are always hootin' and hollerin'.

Anyway, they came bursting outside that morning yelling, ' You guys, run! ' We're, like, laughing at them: ' Get out of here, you guys.' Then we saw that they looked honestly scared. We thought they were just acting."Tony and Nick were less certain a moment later, when they saw several cars peeling out of the school parking lot.

"I thought he was an adult at first."Kip was barely through the door when he pulled the rifle out from under his trench coat again and "just started blazing," as one of the kids nearest to him described it, methodically firing off each of the remaining forty-eight shots in his fifty-round clip.

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