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"I thought he was an adult at first."Kip was barely through the door when he pulled the rifle out from under his trench coat again and "just started blazing," as one of the kids nearest to him described it, methodically firing off each of the remaining forty-eight shots in his fifty-round clip.

Many students thought the popping sound they heard was being made by firecrackers.Neither came around too often, but between the two of them they did eat all of the jelly in the feeder.Whether I see the orioles or not, I sure enjoy listening to them.Melissa heard the popping noises and turned to look, expecting to see smoke from a string of firecrackers. When Kip whirled toward the snack bar, Melissa dropped to the floor, but as she did she felt a sting in her right elbow.Looking down at the floor, she saw her own blood and realized, "This is real." Kyle was still standing when the first bullet hit his left leg.Then we see these seniors, big old guys, running out to their cars, and we know something must be going on."The two boys turned around and headed back toward Nick's house, just a couple of blocks from the school.

"But we still really didn't take it seriously," Tony said."We'd always given Ben and his girlfriend a hard time for kissing in the hall," Tony recalled."Like, ' Get a room.'" Just a few feet from Ben, Kip pulled the rifle out from under his trench coat and shot the boy once in the head. Jones can use his skills to ensure that your child’s permanent teeth grow in correctly.Expansion–broadening the arches in a child’s mouth–is an important part of Orthodontics.Kip kept walking, then saw a boy he didn't know, Ryan Atteberry, and fired at him also, hitting Ryan in his right cheek.