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The main point of discussion was whether or not LCR would endorse the re-election of President George H. The campaign returned the contribution after openly lesbian columnist, Deb Price, of the Detroit News, asked about it after she saw it on a public report from the Federal Elections Commission.

In addition to sanctioning the termination of openly gay and lesbian teachers, the proposed legislation authorized the firing of those teachers that supported homosexuality.

Under the pressure, Dole admitted during an October 1995 press briefing on Capitol Hill that he regretted the decision to return the check, and that his campaign was responsible for it without consulting him. He also wanted to see a gay person address the convention and a public request from Dole's campaign for the LCR nod.

Dole later told Washington Post editor and author Bob Woodward that the LCR episode was a "mistake" because the decision to return the check "gets into Bob Dole the person. On the closing night of the Convention, Stephen Fong, then-president of the San Francisco chapter, spoke at the dais as part of a series of speeches from "mainstreet Americans," but was not publicly identified as gay.

Log Cabin Republicans represents an important part of the American family—taxpaying, hard working people who proudly believe in this nation's greatness.

We also believe all Americans have the right to liberty and equality.

In the midst of this victory, gay conservatives in California created the Log Cabin Republicans.

The group initially proposed to name themselves Lincoln Club, but found that name was already in use by the Lincoln Club of Orange County, another California Republican organization, so the name Log Cabin Republicans was chosen as an alternative title.

These principles, Log Cabin argue, are consistent with their platform of an inclusive Republican Party.

The 1992 Log Cabin Republican convention was held in Spring, Texas, a Houston exurb. The group voted to deny that endorsement because Bush did not denounce anti-gay rhetoric at the 1992 Republican National Convention.

On September 29, 2011, the United States Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit vacated the district court's decision, ruling that the legislative repeal of "don't ask, don't tell" by President Barack Obama and the outgoing Democratic congressional majority in December 2010 rendered the case moot.

The dismissal left the lower court ruling without value as precedent.

As reporters, including Berke, were seeking confirmation of the story before it broke, Dole's finance chairman, John Moran, asked Tafel not to speak to the press and that Tafel's "steadfastness and statesmanship at this moment will be handsomely appreciated in the long run by the campaign." Tafel refused. Are you going to just do this because it sounds good politically?

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