Methods accommodating diversity

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Methods accommodating diversity

Executable strategy begins with a clearly-defined strategic direction that considers existing strategy, as well as internal and external influences.

When you do this, your coachees will be more focused, attentive, and proactive in finding their own solutions.

Specifically, you will learn how to use different techniques for directive and nondirective coaching.

1.0 Good planning gives your company a competitive advantage.

Coaches typically use two general coaching styles – directive and nondirective – depending on their coachee's skill and motivation, as well as how far along they are in the coaching relationship.

This course highlights the importance of using an appropriate coaching style with your coachee.

This course covers the criteria for creating an executable strategy.

It helps you to develop a strategy by demonstrating how to evaluate strategic initiatives and then prioritize, assign accountability, and translate those initiatives into short-term actionable targets.It not only helps individuals reach their potential but also helps the organization improve its productivity and competitiveness.In a rapidly changing business world, coaching can also help employees adjust and adapt their skill sets.It also covers how to identify which coaching role is most appropriate for a given individual or situation.The course also details the importance of selling the idea of coaching to those you feel need it.Managers who need and want to develop their business coaching skills.

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