Middle eastern dating rules

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For travel in Middle Eastern countries, taking a lightweight headscarf is highly recommend for women.

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If people don’t look like they’re eating snacks or drinking coffee while walking in the street, you shouldn’t either.

To avoid being a target for pickpockets, walk confidently at all times, even if you’re totally lost and terrified, pretend you’re not.

Scope out some place safe (bus terminal, gas station, porch of private home with kids) where you can check a map, ask a question or just get your bearings.

Wearing the pseudo wedding band means “hands off, no chance”. You can pretty much answer any question you don’t want to answer with “Inshallah!

” It’s a great phrase – sort of like “we’ll see, sort of, I don’t know, maybe, probably not! It’s helpful at times, to have a pack of cigarettes, even if you don’t smoke.

They’re just trying to make a living to feed themselves and their family.

Don’t offer a lengthy explanation in your native language of why you don’t want the thing, simply say “No, thank you”, preferably in Arabic (“La, shokran”), firmly but strongly and walk away briskly.

More importantly however, it’s more respectful of the culture.

When visiting a Mosque or a holy shrine, as a woman or a non-Muslim you are required to wear a headscarf, no exceptions, but you’ll win points if you put it on automatically for respect.

The headscarf option may be of more use in the more rural areas as city women tend to dress far more “western”.

This is true for cities such as Marrakech, Istanbul, Damascus, Beirut where the rules about head scarves are much more relaxed – however, ALL mosques require you to be respectful and cover yourselves before entering.

Don’t bring too many tank tops or short sleeved shirts or shorts, even in summer (Capri pants can be okay in the more moderate Arab states).