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Nickey leaves, dejected, to allow him privacy to make his illicit deals.She returns to find him passed out, exhausted, on the couch, his expensive suit in disarray.

After a brutal and violent fray, Nickey lies dead on the floor. Excited from his brutish act, he begins to take out her firm tits, groping the fleshy mounds.

Her pretty feet catch his eye again and he moves to the foot of the table.

Removing her shoes, he squeezes his dick between her soft soles and enjoys a footjob.

It’s a young, pretty girl, freshly expired, with dainty feet, toes painted blue.

He can already feel himself growing hard as he begins to fondle her firm tits and caresses her smooth legs and toned abdomen.

Nickey frantically thrashes about, fearful of her boss’s assault and her lack of oxygen.

His anger gives him an inhuman strength, however, and she is unable to escape.It helped that he was handsome, as well, though the aura of power he exuded had soaked many a panty on its own.Even when Nickey was exposed to the more unsavory side of D.She begins to straighten his tie and button his shirt, but seeing him so peaceful, so helpless, she begins to get naughty ideas in her head.Pulling his cock out, she sucks and licks until it is rock-hard and standing at attention.Furious that she would take such liberties with him, he lashes out.