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Xinhua informs that most members of the band have graduated from the Kim Won Gyun Pyongyang University of Music, which is the cradle of high class North Korean music (

The park contains various revolutionary relics and monuments related with Kim Il-sung.

If that was the case, her singing could be thought of as the first public performance of a member of the Moranbong ensemble. At the stage Hyon represented only herself as a former star singer who had been away from publicity for a while, not the Moranbong Band.

Cho also tells that Kim Jong-un considered Moranbong Band so important that in spite of his other demanding duties, he has participated tens of times (数十回も) in the rehearsals and concerts of the band (175).

On the prehistory of Moranbong Band We know little about anything concerning the band, even less about the history of its members and of the events that lead into the establishment of the band.

But there are crumbs of information here and there.

As they were sitting in the centre in the second row, they appear in the camera fairly often, but as they were not yet the main object of vision, there never were any close ups. From the left we have Kim Hyang-sun (grey), Kim Sol-mi (white), Pak Mi-kyong (red) and probably Pak Son-hyang (blue).

The woman in brown dress cannot be identified at all.Or the unknown ladies can simply have been friends.The chair beside Yu is empty; perhaps someone did not make it to the concert.Rodong Sinmun gives the same information in its 1 January 2013 issue (help from Mizuno Naoki).Multiple sources claiming the same thing do not necessarily increase the reliability of the information, and probably only reflects the fact that Cho gets most of his information from Rodong Sinmun, but perhaps we can establish the idea that Kim Jong-un has been present in several rehearsals of the band.The location in the centre and front probably has a meaning.