Nhl players dating

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Nevertheless, she works at that hospital and helps people. I love nurses…Cody Ceci’s girlfriend Jamie Thompson is a native Canadian girl who just celebrated her 23rd birthday in March.

Six years later during a Celtics-Lakers basketball game the two met again, and that’s when they hit it off.

In a move that devastated hockey fans, Gretzky was traded from Edmonton to LA one month after his marriage. Gretzky was coaching the Phoenix Coyotes but has resigned from his post, and lit the Olympic cauldron during the 2010 winter Olympics held in Vancouver.

Jamie posts plenty of pictures of them together at bars.

Since you play hockey professionally, your metabolism can burn it all away!

In one clip, I watched Paige and Ryan explain to their children his teeth are all fake.

They lounged outside on a beach and…Filip Forsberg’s girlfriend Jennfier Persson is a girl who loves fashion, food, and travel.Kristy Yamaguchi and Bret Hedican The Olympic gold medallist and former Dancing with the Stars champion met the Stanley Cup winning hockey player back in 1995 at the gala opening of Vancouver’s new arena.The couple married in 2000 and have 2 daughters, Keara and Emma.The couple have 2 children together, a son Hudson and daughter Stella.Janet Jones and Wayne Gretzky The former actress met The Great One in 1981 while he was a judge on Dance Fever and she was a 16 year old dancer on the show.And they’re not the only stars who have discovered that fact here are 5 other celebrities that have married their own NHL’er!

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