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Cupid, Po F, or any dating site I’ve used in the past.

Later, I found his drive to be intelligent was only to compete with me.Last I checked, this policy did not prohibit explorations of Okinawa such as seeing Shuri Castle, Kokusai Dori, hiking, snorkeling, or enjoying many of the beautiful parks Okinawa offers.The guys I encounter seem to want someone to vent to, and an expat woman with no connection to the military is their way out while complaining about their “difficult” lives because of the Liberty Policy.I feel for some of these young men and women, I do.Two years ago, if it wasn’t for the two sailors from Guam who raped an innocent Okinawan girl, this policy would not be in effect.I decided to step outside my comfort zone and let him show me who he really was.

Initially, as all young men are, when trying to win fair, young lady’s heart, they court you and treat you wonderfully so I fell for him.

I have many friends in the military, and I in no way, shape or form dislike them or their service to the country I love so much.

I realize they gave up their comfortable lives in their homes with their loved ones so I could be free.

As our friendship deepened and my feelings grew, he started going on about how lonely the military made him feel and if he wasn’t married by 25, he would be incredibly depressed.

He would often complain about the incompetency of his comrades, the rampant theme of alcoholism, promiscuity, and cheating he’d witnessed.

Tom’s intelligence and ability to see the world made me realize I really enjoyed his company.