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Naturally, there was a price to pay and JP was obligated to succumb to Gullah’s sexual demands.

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When Beth had phoned her, Maggie had noticed that she seemed a little down and without much thought had decided it would be great for her to visit.

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Unbeknown to Kim, Paul's arrangement with the two brothers was choreographed into two parts.

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The first alarm went off somewhere in close proximity to Rob’s ears. As usual, he silenced the alarm, got out of bed and went to the bathroom to relieve himself.

In the semi-darkness of the approaching day, he hoped his aim was true.

He sighed as the stream hit the water and the contents of his bladder went where it served a lot more comfort. Read On Added: | Category: Seduction | Avg Score: 5 | Words: 2,848 | Tags: friends cheating mature straight sex creampie pussy eating cowgirl | 2 Comments Addie Billrich wants to write a column on "Hot Wives", is it a myth or real. I kept my eyes closed as I woke up from a relaxing night of sleep.

His arm was holding my petite body tight to his large muscular frame. His large morning boner was pressed against my backside.

The thoughts of last night, of us making passionate love before falling asleep, were racing through my mind.

He stirred, my pussy tingled, it wouldn't be long now...

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When JP originally arrived in prison, he soon discovered that he was destined to become Gullah, his cellmate’s, bitch, (a s told in a former story entitled ‘JP’).

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