Online dating for people with depression

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Online dating for people with depression - dating medford oregon

This may be one reason for depression's tendency to linger or return, especially in a negative social environment," says lead author David Hsu, Ph. "This builds on our growing understanding that the brain's opioid system may help an individual feel better after negative social interactions, and sustain good feelings after positive social interactions." The researchers focused on the mu-opioid receptor system in the brain -- the same system that they have studied for years in relation to response to physical pain.During physical pain, our brains release opioids to dampen pain signals. "Social stressors are important factors that precipitate or worsen illnesses such as depression, anxiety and other neuropsychiatric conditions.

"The findings suggest novel potential targets for medication development that directly or indirectly target these circuits, and biological factors that affect variation between individuals in recovery from this otherwise chronic and disabling illness." Zubieta is a member of U-M's Molecular and Behavioral Neuroscience Institute, and the Phil F.

Just "shake it off" and move on, as music star Taylor Swift says.

But while that might work for many people, it may not be so easy for those with untreated depression, a new brain study finds.

In contrast, study participants with depression (right column) did not release nearly as many opioids, which may contribute to a lingering depressed mood following rejection.

The pain of social rejection lasts longer for them -- and their brain cells release less of a natural pain and stress-reducing chemical called natural opioids, researchers report in the journal .

"Every day we experience positive and negative social interactions.

Our findings suggest that a depressed person's ability to regulate emotions during these interactions is compromised, potentially because of an altered opioid system.Jenkins Research Professor of Depression in the Department of Psychiatry.The new findings have already prompted the team to plan follow-up studies to test individuals who are more sensitive to social stress and vulnerable to disorders such as social anxiety and depression, and to test ways of boosting the opioid response.Before having their brains scanned, the 17 depressed participants and 18 similar but non-depressed participants each viewed photos and profiles of hundreds of other adults.Each person selected profiles of people they were most interested in romantically -- similar to online dating.The pain of social rejection lasts longer for them -- and their brain cells release less of a natural pain and stress-reducing chemical called natural opioids.

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