Outlook mailbox size not updating

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If less than 5 minutes is what you wish, follow the steps at the following Microsoft KB article instead of those below: regedit (running as a user with Exchange Server Admin rights and Admin rights on the server). There is a command line in the power shell, I used it before but now I can't find it.

There is no UI configuration to tell the user how often we ping the server for a user-initiated update to their mailbox size.

The configuration change does not take effect until the cache is refreshed.

The default interval for refreshing the cached mailbox information is two hours.

Specifically: (0x0E080014) has the same name but the values are retrieved from the server either directly or via the OST synchronization.

(more info on: The total size is not computed on the fly, but updated when data is added to and deleted from the store.

But default time schedule is 20 minutes, my user can not wait so long. Or any other suggestions which do not affect other users and meet my target?

Thank you Hi dickchan, The default can be up to 2 hours, depending where in the cycle you make the quota change (exchange will check for quota changes once every 2 hours).The free space is calculated by taking the maximum mailbox size and subtracting the current mailbox size (PR_PROHIBIT_RECIEVE_QUOTA – PR_MESSAGE_SIZE_EXTENDED) information to be displayed, your mailbox must be located on Microsoft Exchange Server 2007 or on Microsoft Exchange Server 2010.Additionally, you must have both of the following mailbox or store limits configured: Information is not displayed in Outlook 2010.Restarting the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service causes the configured limits to take effect immediately.This issue occurs because the Microsoft Exchange Information Store service uses the cached mailbox configuration to enforce mailbox size limits.The following property values exist on the store to communicate information (synthesized from policies in AD): PR_MESSAGE_SIZE_EXTENDED - The current size of the mailbox (when on the mailbox root) PR_STORAGE_QUOTA_LIMIT - Warning Threshold PR_PROHIBIT_SEND_QUOTA - The limit where sending mail is prohibited PR_PROHIBIT_RECEIVE_QUOTA - The limit where receiving mail is prohibited (also the maximum size of the mailbox) These properties are visible and used via an online mode profile.