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, Rainbow Dash goes to the Rainbow Falls Traders Exchange seeking a first-edition copy of Daring Do and the Quest for the Sapphire Stone. However, they do differ from the version seen in Read It and Weep in that the back covers also contain a few darker lines in Trade Ya!

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Twilight says she owns all the books in the series, and mentions to Dash that "You'd like Daring. Adventurous, fierce, and undeniably, unquestionably, unstoppable." Later in the episode, Twilight calls the book Daring Do and the Quest for the Sapphire Statue instead of Sapphire Stone and goes uncorrected.

As Rainbow Dash assumes the role of Daring Do in the world of one of her books, the fictional Daring Do appears in Ponyville.

Of Friendship is Magic Issue #16, an outfit with a similar design to and the same color scheme as Daring Do's outfit is worn by Rainbow Dash on a cover, Daring Do appears on cover RI, and the fictional Daring Do in Ponyville helps Applejack, Fluttershy, and Spike before she is sent back.

Through various trials and tribulations, Daring Do secures the sapphire statue from Ahuizotl's clutches and, in doing so, saves the world.

At the end of the episode, Rainbow Dash reads another book in the series, Daring Do and the Griffon's Goblet.

In Too Many Pinkie Pies, Rainbow Dash is seen reading The Sapphire Stone again. It is established that the adventures recounted in the books are actually based on Daring Do's real adventures against treasure hunters and the series' villains, including the creature Ahuizotl.

In Daring Don't, it is revealed that the author of the Daring Do books, A. In Testing Testing 1, 2, 3, Twilight Sparkle tells Rainbow Dash, "I don't know anypony that's read more Daring Do books than you." In Trade Ya!

She surpasses the booby traps within and liberates a sapphire statuette shaped like a two-headed Anubis, all with an injured wing.

Her search for this treasure puts her at odds with a dog-like creature named Ahuizotl.

In Friendship is Magic Issue #19, a note in an alternate universe reads "Daring Do over here is Bravely Blue?

" A picture of Daring Do appears in Phoenix Comics & Games (and Everfree Northwest) exclusive cover RE of Friendship is Magic Issue #20.

Daring Do would, like, make a crazy explosion out of, like, ducktape and Applejack's hair and boom! " in response to Applejack saying "I wish Daring Do was here to help us now." On page 18 of Micro-Series Issue #7, a pony resembling Daring Do appears at the Ponyville Flea Market wearing a hat similar to Daring Do's pith helmet.

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