Sandisk m240 updating

02-Feb-2018 23:26 by 3 Comments

Sandisk m240 updating

I just bought the m240, 1GB model yesterday and spent loads of time uploading discover that it wasn't sorting/naming them correctly. I have been careful not to put streaming media or anything other than what is written on the instructions an dth box as to the types of media it will work with.

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It will delete all data and songs on you current mp3 player.

I have a sandisk e200 and it's been acting up lately. me again add that my comment about, ".all of this thread is not exactly inspiring to Mr. I have a Sandisk M240 MP3 Player which my Windows XP SP2 Desktop will not recognize.

I went to turn it on today and a message said "load main image failed switch to recovery mode." i have no idea how to get to recovery mode. I need help I recently uninstalled windows service pack sp2 and deleted everything (Including the folders) off my mp3 player and now whenever I add songs they don't show up on the mp3 player but they should be their because the megabites they take up are still missing, so what do you suggest I do? New San Disk M240 owner me.", was not against all your great info and responses ... I plug it in, windows finds it, trys to install it, but fails to sucessfully load drivers for it saying "USB Device Not nrecognized". Other USB 2.0 devices work fine...flash drives, digital cameras, etc. Going on a trip soon and wanted an inexpensive and easy way to bring along some music so picked up a 512mb Sandisk mp3 player for .95 at CC. Last night as a test I loaded about a dozen songs on it and then got the message above about needing to free up 8mb.

I just got sandisk not to long ago and it is already not working. Yeah i tried that, it still will not let me delete my songs.

It wont let me delete songs, and it says not enough DB please free 2mb. When i hook it to my computer is says the music is on my player, but when i unhook it it says theres nothing on it. I then tried to reformat it, and it wont let me do that either. I really like my sandisk, but it is not very user friendly. when ever i try to put songs on it, it says "the requested resource is in use". although it lets me remove the songs from it, it does not allow me to put new songs on it.

You will need to change to this setting on the mp3 player if you are using media player 10 in windows.

Other wise when new device pops up go to my computer double click and right-mouse click on the device drive e: ....

it doesnt say anywhere on the manuel or on the website. I've done everything in this thread but I still have this problem. I just meant that I'm concerned about all the probs people are obviously having with this unit. Tested the device ons someone else's laptop and it manages to recognize it. After trying various things to no avail, I decided I'd take it back in the morning.

Please help I don't want to return my 2nd mp3 player in 3 months Hmm, new member here ... It has the latest firmware so updating that wasn't an option.

If you go beyond 30 days you wil have go to be extra polite or be willing to shell out for an extended warranty on the exchange. The San Disk players are great if you stay within the recommended formats.

If you venture outside, they won't be worth the headache of continually having to return them.

But when I hook it up to my deskside pc, it doesn't recognize any of the songs added from my laptop. Please help The firmware update may have reset it to the MTP or "Auto Detect" USB mode in which case it won't show up on your PC as another drive, in my case Sansa m260 (H: ).

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