Sandisk m240 updating

02-Feb-2018 23:26 by 2 Comments

Sandisk m240 updating

Has anyone made any progress in solving this problem? Im pretty sure that this isn't too big of a deal, but I can't use MTP with my m240 but I think I can use MSC.I have a sandisk sansa m240 and it keeps turning on when i press it it goes through the beginning ads like normal, but then it shuts off. I can't use winamp to transfer the files onto it unless it's MTP other wise I have to manually find every file I want to put on it. i have a problem with m240 when i copy the songs i can listen to it once because when i shut it off and turn it back on i can see the files and i can play it but i cant hear anything any idea how to fix this I don't know where this will post but here goes.

Other wise when new device pops up go to my computer double click and right-mouse click on the device drive e: ....

Most of the time this error can be avoided by not clicking "synch" while playing streaming media.

Try to keep the types of data loaded to the ones recommended on the box.

Thankfully the player itself recognizes all the mp3s but what a kludgey setup. If it isn't showing up there try taking the battery out of the unit for a minute or so and then reinserting it. I would however recommend that you set it to "MSC" mode unless you use a subscription service, in which case you may need to run in MSC.

Both my laptop and my deskside are running Windows Media Player V10, and Win XP Pro. Hi I was copying songs from computer to mp3player, due unavoidable reason I cancelled and removed the usb port from the computer.

it doesnt say anywhere on the manuel or on the website. I've done everything in this thread but I still have this problem. I just meant that I'm concerned about all the probs people are obviously having with this unit. Tested the device ons someone else's laptop and it manages to recognize it. After trying various things to no avail, I decided I'd take it back in the morning.

Please help I don't want to return my 2nd mp3 player in 3 months Hmm, new member here ... It has the latest firmware so updating that wasn't an option.From that time my mp3 player is not showing anything.Please help me on this issue.i also need help with my sandisk i got it at x-mas and it wont turn on ive tryed changing the battery a couple tmes but it wont work!!!which ever is your mp3 player (if it does not show up as a drive letter and says sandisk m240 or something like that then you have media player 10 and you will need to change the setting on your mp3 player) once you have right clicked on the drive a context menu will pop up, click format then ok to format-------- make sure this is the device you want to delete.It will delete all data and songs on you current mp3 player.give me you email addy and i will get you some screen shots zto get that update for your mp3 go to click mp3 players, then click the m200series, then over to the side in a box it says firmware update click that, then download it to ur computer, and when it does pop up to download click save and save it to your desktop.