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The spiritual sex magic she and her priests performed benefitted the whole human race.Dion Fortune is a pen-name she took on for her occult writing which means “God, not luck”.

If you can withhold this instinctive emotional reaction then the aura will be impenetrable, and the attack will return to the sender.

In this book she changed the name of Moriarty into Taverner, but she insists that the stories in the book are literally true and even toned down to make them fit for print.

In the introduction to this book she writes: From 1916 until 1919 Violet served in the Woman’s land Army, where she was put to work in a laboratory.

Her slogan was: “I desire to know in order to serve”.

Dion stated that magic is the art of causing changes to occur in consciousness, in conformity with will.

Though she first concentrated on Freud, this quickly changed to Jung.

She agreed with his statement that mystics knew more about the secrets of life than scientists would ever know.Violet could not agree with Madame Blavatsky’s conviction that Ascended Masters lived in Tibet or would walk the streets of London.But a book of the assistant of Madame Blavatsky, Annie Besant, caught her attention.There, all alone, she started developing astral visions.She went back to the library of the Theosophical Society to find explanations for her visions.Violet’s mother thought Violet was a changeling; she believed that her soul was changed at birth.

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