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The tenth annual SXSW Accelerator Pitch Event will take place during Startup & Tech Sectors on Saturday, March 10, Sunday, March 11, and Monday, March 12.

Technologies that facilitate the comprehension and application of informational data through workflows and analytics.

ARWall Los Angeles, CA We’ve created an AR display that requires no headset, no goggles, no smart device.

Our first product, ARwall FX, is poised to disrupt film/TV production.

These applications may address such uses as gaming, entertainment, data visualization, education, medical care, warfare, transportation, and many more subject.

After Now Culver City, CA Blocker by After Now is changing how creative people communicate.

Along the way we’ve faced combines catching fire, equipment going missing, and weather devastating freshly planted fields.

Our first product, Leaf, combines low-cost sensors & mobile devices with advanced algorithms to automatically generate a history of the farm.View 2018 Finalists & Alternates 2018 SXSW Accelerator Pitch Event presented by Dash will feature 50 Interactive technology companies from 10 different categories.These companies will dazzle a live audience with their company pitch and Q&A with our panel of judges.Bluefield Palo Alto, CA Bluefield’s microsatellite sensors will provide global monitoring of emissions of methane, the world’s most dangerous and valuable greenhouse gas.Our AI-enhanced imaging and analysis will provide oil and gas customers with the data they need to repair costly pipeline leaks and provide the climate risk disclosures that investors are demanding.Congratulations to the Interactive finalists who will be showcasing their products on Saturday, March 10 and Sunday, March 11 at the Hilton Hotel in downtown Austin.