Symantec clients updating definitions

15-Mar-2018 19:25 by 4 Comments

Symantec clients updating definitions

You can also copy an file from the \SAV folder on any Symantec Anti Virus server.

But when i go to show live updates downoloads it shows that the downloads are for RU2. And at the same time my clients seem to communicate with SEPM as i can run command to restart a pc from SEPM and it works but clients dont to get updates(Latest Definitions) from SEPM itself,how do i resolve this?

Restarting (stopping and then starting) the Symantec Anti Virus Server process can be used to manually initiate the update process if you do not want to wait.

you can schedule to update the definitions with the latest file.

This batch file automatically downloads and extracts the latest file from a statically named executable (Navup8.exe), and copies the file to the appropriate location.

For more information, read the document How to automatically update Symantec Anti Virus Corporate Edition 8.x definitions without using Live Update.

The VDTM is a fully automated solution for virus definitions distribution, and is enabled by default between servers and their managed clients.

With the VDTM, it is only necessary to update one server in order to update all computers in the network.The server gets definitions updates using Live Update or an file, and then automatically distributes the definitions to each of its clients on the network.Read the document How to use Live Update is a program that connects to a server, downloads the latest definitions, and applies the definitions to the computer on which it is running.This document explains how to update Symantec Endpoint Protection definitions by running Live Update.TEM managed clients should receive updates automatically from the server.If a client is not receiving updates automatically, follow this process.

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