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I don't come from a wealthy background — I went to public school and had a thick Long Island accent to hide — but I understood Ashley as a character. Will Smith, Benny Medina, the late Jeff Pollack and Andy and Susan Borrowitz created a supportive environment.The entire cast was involved in the evolution of the characters and relationships.

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A file photo from Season 1 of ' Fresh Prince of Bel-Air.' Pictured is cast members (from left) Janet Hubert as Vivian Banks, Karyn Parsons as Hilary Banks, Will Smith as William ' Will' Smith, James Avery as Philip Banks, Tatyana Ali as Ashley Banks, Joseph Marcell as Geoffrey, and Alfonso Ribeiro as Carlton Banks.

25 years ago, I auditioned in New York City for Quincy Jones for a show called the. I wore a navy blue blazer, and besides reading two scenes, was told to make up a few rap lyrics in the waiting room.

My inability as a rapper worked in my favor, and was written into the pilot episode: “Thank you God for this stupid food.” Ashley was a prep school girl in love with her West Philly cousin’s style and point of view. In return, he gave her permission to be herself despite the boundaries her parents and Bel-Air upbringing set for her. Sometimes the veil between fiction and reality seemed almost non-existent.

For example, if there was a special guest star like Donald Trump and then-wife Marla Maples or Bell Biv Devoe or Zsa Zsa Gabor or a special performance by Tom Jones, the stage would be full.

This time, the stage was full because everyone knew it was my real-life first kiss.

There were episodes where Ashley’s adolescent milestones were also my own, even my first kiss. I was mortified and filled with dread at that Monday table read.

It didn’t take the producers and writing staff long to discover that I had, in fact, never kissed anyone. I was always there on set — and when I wasn’t, I was too busy being a dork with my nose in my schoolbooks.

“He took me on a 45-minute hike in the Redwoods [in Yosemite, California], which he knows I absolutely love,” she said. ” Congratulations to the happy couple on the exciting news!

And then, of course, met.” Tatyana revealed how her man proposed to her. “We want our ceremony to really celebrate our newest blessing!

I remember Janet's voice in those early conversations as well.

Our beloved James Avery was always especially valiant.

That’s right, , knowing that millions more would see it in a few weeks and God knows how many since.

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