Teen sex chat sites 16 19

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Teen sex chat sites 16 19

I’ve become comfortable with socializing both on-line and off and I’ve made a large number of friends by participating in small on-line communities.” Multiple identities: Experimentation and self-protection Fully 56% of online teens have more than one email address or screen name and most use different screen names or email addresses to compartmentalize different parts of their lives online, or so that they can experiment with different personas.

Intimate conversations sometimes seem easier than those that take place face-to-face.

Sixty-one percent of boys have more than one address – almost a quarter have four or more.

Half of online girls (50%) have more than one screen name or email account and nearly one in five girls have more than four online identities.

Some who say that use of the Internet takes time away from friends argue that this is balanced by the increased level of communication young people have with friends who live too far away for regular face-to-face meetings.

“If the Internet did not exist at all, I would probably be out doing things with my friends or getting homework done,” maintained one girl, 17, in the Greenfield Online group discussion.

“Unless you know the person really well, they’re just some anonymous typist hiding behind a funny screen name,” said one 17-year-old boy from Maryland in an email exchange with the Pew Internet Project.

“I don’t see people at school and think that’s somebody I know from AOL.

“I think that would be better in some ways, but I think I’d miss out on a lot, especially on keeping in touch with far away friends.” Good for meeting people, not that great for making new friends Most teens do not believe that the Internet is particularly helpful in making new friends.

Sixty-seven percent of all online teens think it only helps “a little” or “not at all” when trying to make new friends.

“I’ve always been very shy in real life,” noted one boy, 16, in the Greenfield Online group.

“I’m home-schooled, and have avoided most contact with children my own age.

The Internet has, in many ways, replaced real-life socialization for me.

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