Updating google chrome

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Updating google chrome

Currently trying to bring myself to move away from chrome and as many google products as possible after realising the effort they have gone to, to thwart the tiny minority of people who actually regedited the old auto update and their desire to have more control over your machines than you do.Sort of "official method" is listed here: In a nutshell: 1) download 2) install it using (click on Computer Configuration/Administrative Templates, then select 'Add/Remove Templates...' in 'Action' menu) 3) disable Chrome update in Computer Configuration Administrative Templates Classic Administrative Templates Google Google Update Applications Google Chrome by setting 'Update Policy Override' to 'Disabled' Here is what I do to stop auto update of chrome.

So the radical solution to prevent the auto-update, if that helps anyone, is to just purely sort the program responsible for the updates itself!

2- There are a couple of options to choose from: Send to Compressed (zip) folder) - A window might ask you to backup/zip and place it on the desktop, click yes. So, in /etc/hosts I added: I have tried all of these options and none seem to work.

(message: Windows cannot create the compressed folders here. ) - Move the newly created zip file to the original location. (message: You need administrator permission to copy this file). Sometimes I actually got a message "Google Update is disabled" when I checked the "About" page, but somehow a week later it was still updated.

We currently have around 6000 devices and Chrome and IE are the 2 browsers we support for our enterprise applications.

With that said, we turn off Auto Updates to Chrome so we can test it before rolling it out to all of our devices.

hl=en I followed scrupulously the instructions of that page, the keys in the registry are all correct, but still going to the "About Google Chrome" when the program is opened, I can see the wheel going around and a few seconds later the update is forced and done.

I have tried using the standalone installer of Google, on a Windows 8.1 machine 64Bits - and yes all the keys are set to : Dword: Auto Update Check Period Minutes Value: 0 Dword: Disable Auto Update Checks Checkbox Value Value: 1 Dword: Update Default Value: 0 Dword: Update Value: 0 ...Since we have Google Update services turned off, that rename never takes place, which leaves them using an older version of the application until the next update.We reached out to Google and they gave us a solution:----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------Issue - The tries to replace during install, instead of aborting with an error code if the exe is already in use, it uses its own logic to dump a 'new_chrome.exe' beside the in use Once you update Chrome, you will need to either restart the computer or simply relaunch the browser.Have spent a loooong time trying to disable updates (literally hours, reading forums and testing various (some exotic) solutions), and this was driving me crazy.Links from within the website work, but you're not able to type another website in the browser until you close and re-open.