Updating sportrak pro

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The Spor Trak Color provides all of what you would expect from a Spor Trak receiver, but with the added ability of having it all in a nice colour screen.The Spor Trak Colour supports WAAS giving position accuracy to within 3 meters, caters for heavy foliage and canyoning with a quad helix antenna and gives you the best of both worlds.

Backup your Magellan Spor Trak Map GPS waypoints, routes, and tracks after each outing, so your GPS data is always safe on your computer.

Many Easy GPS users clear the memory in their Magellan each time after backing up in Easy GPS.

This gives them the maximum data storage for recording waypoints and tracklogs on their next adventure.

Easy GPS calculates the area of any Magellan GPS track or route, making it a perfect tool for calculating acreage on your farm, ranch, or business.

Read our tutorials on using Easy GPS and Expert GPS to calculate area.

Factory Outlet Store stocks a full line of accessories like Carrying Case, and Mount for the Magellan Spor Trak Map-R.

Feel safe about your purchase of a Factory Serviced Magellan Spor Trak Map-R, knowing its been fully tested by Factory Outlet Store.An additional 17 MB of free memory enables you to expand your mapping capabilities with optional detailed maps from the entire line of Magellan Map Send software products including Blue Nav which offers detailed coastal marine charts.Spor Trak Pro Marine offers superior tracking and 3-meter accuracy, with nine customizable screens that provide an easy way to view your location, heading and route on a large, high contrast 160 x 104 pixel display.If you're serious about getting the most out of your GPS, check out the free trial of Expert GPS, the ultimate mapping software download for your Magellan Spor Trak Map GPS.QUICK REFERENCE MANUAL of GPS 315, Sportrak and Sportak Pro This reference manual is culled out from the guidelines apparently being developed by the GIS specialist in the application of GIS and GPS on LUB-BDP.View your GPS waypoints and tracks in Google Earth.