Updating window xp

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Updating window xp

You can change select a different color after completing the upgrade process.Step 10: In a while you will see the Windows 8 Start screen.

The product key should be with the box the DVD came in or on your email receipt.

Users should be able to check their computer's specifications by right clicking on "My Computer" and choosing the "Properties" option.

From there, the requirements break down by the processor type.

Step 4: On the first screen, you will see two options: Go online to install updates now (recommended), No, thanks option.

Select No, thanks and click Next button to proceed to the next screen.

Procedure: Step 1: Switch on your PC and boot into Windows XP.

Step 2: Insert your Windows 8 DVD or connect Windows 8 bootable USB to your PC (your can either use Refus tool or our create bootable USB guide).

Once the scan is done, you will see Install button. Your PC may restart twice or thrice during the installation.

Step 9: Once the installation is done, you will see the Personalize screen where you pick color for the Start screen background, and tiles.

Windows XP's day of reckoning is finally here -- it will no longer receive security updates after Tuesday -- which means users should upgrade their computers to a more recent operating system or purchase a new machine.

Not all PCs can upgrade to Microsoft's most recent versions of Windows, but many should be able to.

Make sure that your computer meets Windows 8’s minimum system requirements before upgrading to Windows 8.

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