Validating rail tickets in italy

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Validating rail tickets in italy - who is aimee osbourne dating

On buses your ticket is valid for 100 minutes allowing you to change buses using a single ticket.

These kiosks are conveniently situated next to a Rome public transport information kiosk.Many kiosks within the station like the one pictured at the top advertise they sell transport tickets.Out the front of Termini Railway Station by the bus station is the row of kiosks pictured here that specialise in selling travel passes and tours.As yet there is no facility provided by the public transport authority themselves for advance purchase over the internet though there are a couple of options offered by third parties aimed at the first time tourist visitor, (see further down page).When you first purchase a travel pass or ticket it is blank.- Any airport bus or train to either of Rome's two airports, Fiumicino or Ciampino.

- The trains to and from Rome's cruise port, Civitavecchia. For short term visitors to Rome you have a very straight forward choice of ticketing options.

Single ticket are valid for 100 minutes from the time stamped on the ticket.

On buses and trams you can switch routes within this timespan and on the Metro you can switch Metro trains at Termini Station without going through any ticket barrier.

Tickets for both the bus system and Metro can be purchased from tobacconists, bars, or vending machines at Metro stations and major bus stops.

On both buses and metro there is a flat fare, whether you go one stop or to the end of the line.

If you don't speak Italian and are nervous about using vending machines, rest assured most of the people serving at the outlets where tourists frequent normally speak good English, often much better than your hotel.