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With Vin Di Carlo Pandora’s Box, you learn how to “typecast” women you meet.

Other dating guides we've reviewed offer glimpses at how the female mind works, but Pandora's Box blows things wide open." In addition to providing insights on female desire, Pandora's box also gives users a simple four step process which according to the Pandora's Box website will allow you to get a woman's telephone number, a date or a first kiss, in a matter of minutes.

I loved the advice I got from the system for how to pursue her. but at the same time, you must create the perception of potential romance.

This is something bad boys do naturally, but it can be learned.” That’s right – “bad boys,” those “Alpha Male” guys!

According to Vin Di Carlo Pandora’s Box, all women essentially fit into 8 different personality categories.

Now, I want to say a quick word about this before going any further. When you’re just looking for a shallow night of fun, what you’re going to find is usually, well … There’s nothing complicated going on here, and there is no reason whatsoever you can’t easily fit shallow fun into 8 simple categories!

In fact, more often than not, if you do, you’ll drive the girl away. Or are you maybe wondering where you screwed up with a woman in the past?

You can get a feel for this system right now by filling out a quick 9 question quiz: Click To Try The Pandoras Quiz You’ll be amazed at how well this system profiles women!I think the biggest single thing I gleaned from all of this is that there is no one perfect approach to attracting women!I think all too often we guys fall into the trap of thinking there is one perfect male ideal again, that “Alpha Male” myth.That being the case, this system can help you hook up with someone who is likely to be a good match for you.Part of the benefit of this system is not only do you learn how to attract women, but you also get a better grasp on the types of women that are attractive to you, and why The Playette is one of the types I tend to be attracted to."Vin Dicarlo's Pandora's Box System is widely regarded as the most cutting edge dating guide for men ever to be released," reports's Clint Johnson.