Who is dating whom in bollywood 2016

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Who is dating whom in bollywood 2016 - Hermaphrodite hookups in usa

Sonam Kapoor is reportedly dating Delhi based entrepreneur Anand Ahuja.

Was the relationship broken because of his cheating ways? She met him as a young girl of 19 in 1993 and they dated for a while before alleged issues regarding Salman’s drinking habits and obsessive behaviour is rumoured to have caused the split.Among the most talked of romances in Bollywood, Salman and Aishwarya are said to have started dating on the sets of Well, we are unsure as to why exactly Salman chooses to get over his exes by replacing them in his life with look alikes, but this is where the trend began.it started with whispers about Salman Khan taking an extraordinary interest in this beautiful actress right from her both Salman and Katrina have maintained a friendly relationship which has kept the onlookers confused about their actual status: on or off!Even though Salman never misses a chance to pull her leg in public, he has always otherwise treated her with respect and friendliness without binding her with strings regarding her relationships with other actors including his arch enemy Shahrukh Khan.Though they’ve never gone on record to accept that they’re in a relationship, Deepika and Ranveer are one of Bollywood’s most talked about couples.

Rumours are rife that the two might take the plunge this year.

It is being reported that the star kid is dating a top politician’s grandson for quite some time now.

According to a report in Mumbai Mirror, Sara is going steady with Veer Pahariya, who is Mumbai-Delhi lad. She told ask.fm, “He doesn’t mind road ka dosa, he is super sensitive, and he’s the kind of guy you want to walk on the beach with.”Ain’t that cute?

So here is a peek into the hearthrob who is forever dating and the story of his 16 girlfriends!!!

This is way back in the 1980s when the lovely Sangeeta had just won Miss India.

Salman Khan is more often in the news for his single status than in appreciation of his movies.