Who is jon bon jovi dating

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Serious and responsible, he tries to carry the world on his shoulders and rarely let others know that he needs help and support.

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In late 1980-s Bon Jovi felt, lots of sex and drug is that slippery surface, where he can fall easily. Many people, who sympathize Dorothea, think that she was not happy in her personal life. Besides, Jon and Dorothea always knew when to shut up (as the singer told in his interview with “Sunday Night”) Jon Bon Jovi loves his wife and he tells about her with great warmth. I always want to spend the time with her”, Jon Bon Jovi says about his wife.But long-term career is not the only thing Jon can boast with.He can also be proud of his happy and stable family life.He was probably a very adorable boyfriend when the couple were dating. They have been dating each other for a very long time and found a soul mate in each other. He donated this amount in 2005 to Angel Network Foundation.They finally got hitched at the Graceland Wedding Chapel in Las Vegas. He made a huge donation to build homes in Philadelphia. Bon Jovi has also done small roles in many Hollywood movies.He has won one American Music Award, One Golden Globe, BRIT Award, and was nominated for Grammy Awards twice. Their marriage seems to have lasted for a lifetime.

No report on his divorce or affair has ever become known.He played the role of Helen Hunt’s ex-husband, Ricky Mc Kinney in the movie, Pay it Forward.He also played a small role in many movies like Sex and the City, Ally Mc Beal, Cry Wolf, National Lampoon’s Pucked, Little City, Moonlight and Valentino etc.The fairy of his house is Dorothea Hurley, his wife of 28 years, mother of his 4 children and his best song.It is hard to believe that popular rock musician can become a good family man, that’s why journalists very often ask Jon Bon Jovi about his wife – that unique woman, who supported him through years.But young ambitious fellow with big blue eyes and a bush of blonde hair seemed too self-confident to the teen girl. Dorothea was not interested in career making, she dreamed about a happy family.

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