Who is matt kemp dating 2016

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Who is matt kemp dating 2016 - relationship love alliance dating

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A source said: “It was so sweet and she was really surprised.

When it's time to play baseball, that's my job.

Matt Kemp was traded on Saturday from the San Diego Padres to the Atlanta Braves, marking the second time he’s been traded in less than two years.

He said: "Rihanna is just a friend, a good friend of mine. My job is to get my work in, which I've been doing.

Nothing distracts me from my job, not the contract, or my personal life.

"It was a good feeling to see the recognition he got in his first at-bat. He drove in all three runs for the Padres on Monday, but in the end the Dodgers prevailed.

That gave Dodgers fans the best of both worlds on Monday.

They've been photographed together a bunch, and photogs even captured a cute moment between the two in...

Read Full Story We can all sleep well tonight: Matt Kemp finally fessed up that he and Rihanna are a couple. These two have been dating under wraps since January, and though the songstress confirmed their status earlier this month, we had yet to hear anything from the Dodgers player until now.

There were some boos, which were understandable as Kemp is now on another team, but the cheers were loud, and only got louder.

Disturbingly, this video is not yet embeddable from MLB, but you can watch here.

In an article on The Players’ Tribune, Kemp stated his plans to work hard for his new team and show the right attitude.