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Wuc sex - many dates before exclusive dating

I'm feeling very contrarian today so I will support the side I don't agree with. How will the mother take care of herself and the child.Marriage is for better or worse and in a worse situation, neither one will be left alone.

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So if you get married and the sex sucks then you have to live with that. Cut your losses and have that summer fling with that hottie you met camping. What happens when there turns out to be a child, then the father doesn't want to stick around.That also opens up a question of male responsibility (not that I'm trying to play down female agency here).If even a girl that has consented is (statistically) still as likely as not likely to feel used the morning after, then is it morally defensible to play the odds in pursuit of pleasure?Marriage only goes so far nowadays, people cheat after 25 years of marriage, and to wait to have sex just so the two can have the same last name and be "husband and wife" is a bit ridiculous.In today's society there is absolutely nothing wrong with having sex before marriage, I'm not saying you should sleep with every Joe Blow that walks into Starbucks on your daily coffee run, but things have changed since people were shocked to all hell when someone had sex before they got married. I want to really get to know a person before I even think about marrying them. When I think of love, its when 2 people are affectionate and care for each other.High rates of sexual satisfaction are often reported-- but so is depression and a feeling of "being used", especially among women.

There are some counter studies of course, but all the ones I've seen had much smaller sample sizes.Marriage is important before any form of other commitment. Now I'll chime in for the underdog, and make a flaming hypocrite of myself.Abstinence gets a bad rap, since its usually argued in Christian terms.But in light of this, which lifestyle causes the most harm?It certainly looks like pre-marital sex does, and is therefore, to whatever degree, morally wrong. but even knowing that I still have premarital, if not casual sex. 9/11 america BBC bible black book books britain british bush Christian Christianity comics corruption debate Democracy Election fantasy frankie global warming god government gun Harry Potter history internet Is it good that people can download music for free?Well, studies correlate sexual repression with violent crime, and sex does have some health benefits.