15 year old daughter dating 17 year old

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15 year old daughter dating 17 year old - sex dating in oacoma south dakota

haha) parents have to make decisions for their teenagers that are going to make the teen very angry and feel like their parents don't love them, but once they are grown with their own children is when they will see their parents' wisdom and really appreciate the boundaries they had set in their lives.

At least she grew up with the boy..you know his mother. Me and my friends always had gone out as a 'group' of boys & girls anyway, whether platonic or not.

Then if you think he is OK, tell her she can go as long as several others join them, you drop her off, pick her up, etc. Mom and dad have to both agree on what and where they are going and doing.

So long as she doesn't violate your trust, going out in a big group is good for her. They know I’m going to want to talk to their friend’s (boy or girl) parent(s).

And, my Dad always made our home an 'open house' for all my friends to just hang out at, for boys and girls. but I was just too 'shy' to tell him I actually had a 'date' per say.

They and all my friends parents all knew each other anyway. So, it is GREAT that your daughter even told you about this. Just KEEP the lines of communication open for anything she wants to talk about... It was my own awkwardness..not trying to hide it from him.

He goes to High School and she is in Middle School. By the end of the summer I can just say that I'm glad I was strong enough to say no as many times as I had to - not all girls will be able to do that, and not all boys will take no for an answer!

Like I told my daughter "i'm still waiting for the book i was suppose to get PARENTING 101 from the hospital " HA HA. Well I talked to my daughter and told her there will not be "DATING" until she's 16. The whole thing started with a movie, and then hanging out at each others houses while mom's were home, and our moms' were friends too.but I guess I never felt real comfortable telling my parents.But, I think my Dad knew, as the certain boy in question would call the house.That doesn't mean they will be banned from talking to members of the other sex, or going out to do fun things with boys and girls - but it does mean that I will operate out of knowledge and giving them a safe and healthy adult life and not operating out of fear and trying to keep them happy in the moment as teenagers so often want to feel.Many times, I think (of course I'm not there yet so in ten years I may have to eat my words! I know that when a child asks her/his parents for permission to "date" it is not only about going out with the girl/boy, they are also asking, "do you trust me? I will not give you advice as I do not know your family, your values, nor do I understand your relationship with your daughter.

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