Airline pilot dating service

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Airline pilot dating service - dating not settling

The spouse that realizes this and appreciates it will have a healthier marriage.

Even when I was SUPER senior at Express Jet, and literally could have ANY schedule I wanted, for some reason I could never ever get Thanksgiving off? It is nice to hear from you both that the schedule can be managed with some planning, as lots of stories I’ve read online are very gloom and doom. 2 737 FOs, agree to a swap or a pick up and just call it into scheduling?For the pilots, you get to live your dreams while at work, so maybe the time alone seems like less of a burden, but what do your partners have to say about extended time alone at home?Do any of your wives, girlfriends, significant others have some insight?Flying is hard work, it is late nights, early mornings and long days doing a job that requires a good amount of concentration and attention to detail.Sure, there is the occasional Cancun overnight, but for everyone of those there are several that are in airport hotels that are just long enough to catch some sleep.There can sometimes be a perception that the pilot is out jaunting around the country while the spouse is stuck at home with the children, some people can grow to resent this.

However, that really isn’t the case and the spouses that realize that seem to have much healthier relationships.I appreciate the info on this particular forum though, and believe that it may provide with the most straight-forward and honest answers. Elaine, Welcome to the forum and thinks for the detailed introduction, it really helps us to know how we can best answer your questions.Also, thank you for the compliments, it is good to know that our forum is perceived well and that you find the information helpful.I feel that is a lot more time than a business man working M-F has with his. So while you might have your boyfriend gone on trips a fair portion of the month, when he is home you will have more quality time with him. Feel free to follow up on any of these points or to bring up new ones. It definitely takes patience and understanding from both parties.As much as it’s hard the pilot is away from home, it’s also hard being away.I believe that some airlines get their schedules even earlier. While I am sure it may be difficult to plan for things far in advance, like holidays a few months away, at least you have a decent amount of time to plan for the upcoming month. I’ve been doing this a while and I’ve gotten pretty good at it.