Amish internet dating

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Amish internet dating

Scheduling the in-person meeting before you develop serious feelings can help you make wise decisions on whether this is a relationship you want to continue exploring or not. Meeting on a Christian dating site doesn’t automatically mean the person you’re communicating with is who they say they are.

In one camp, there are some who believe looking for love online betrays a lack of faith in God’s provision of a spouse.

I also made sure he met some of my trusted friends early on so they could give me input.

That he was willing to be vetted helped me realize his intentions were sincere and his heart humble.

That he quickly made sure I met his friends and family helped me know his intentions were serious.

I’m not going to lie – I felt a bit self-conscious and shy that first day I hung out with The Man Who Would Become My Husband.

My husband and I know of various other Christian couples who met online and are now married.

Common to all of us was that we transitioned from the online world to the “real world” as soon as we could.

Focus’ online community for young adults, Boundless, seeks to help singles navigate these issues.

Through Boundless, Focus encourages intentional living and offers resources that motivate young adults to know their worth in Christ as individuals and to be open to the opportunities God may have for them.

There’s a temptation when meeting online to keeping it there because it’s so “safe.” You can share at a heart-level, showing only the best of yourself and hiding what’s not as flattering.

That’s why meeting in person sooner rather than later is wise.

We don't get to see how Abraham and Sarah got together but we do see a good bit of their marriage.

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