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We've seen them in: Forevermore, Just The Way You Are, Everyday I Love You Why we love them: They *literally* made us believe in forever in their hit show Forevermore and their budding off-screen romance keeps us at the edge of our seats.

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Goodreads - The Filipino Group (GR-TFG) We are Filipinos who love to read anything we get our hands on and who love to meet and discuss these things we read.

Angeli Jewelry promises to provide you the best and classiest jewelry that would truly make you happy on your special day. She gave proposals since I was all the while having apprehensions with the outline that I needed. Thus, we reached Angeli Jewelry to settle the circumstance and we have no second thoughts!

Our plain wedding ring packages start at P22,000/pair for 14karat white yellow or rose gold smaller finger sizes without diamonds. Final price depends on size and width, diamonds (if any) used, and desired finish. The main misgiving we have was not going to Angeli Jewelry beforehand.

So if you're a Filipino and you love to read--whether it's local, chick lit, romance, science fiction, fantasy, young adult, classics, general, or literary fiction novels--you are very welcome here!

We do require you to enjoy books and reading when you join this group, but that's only because we can talk about books for hours and we don't want you to feel out of place. S.: Most of our discussions happen on Goodreads, but we also have a Facebook group! We call ourselves booklions :) Whether you've been into reading since time immemorial or you just joined the world of never-ending dimensions, the group welcomes you with open arms.

We love making friends as much as we love reading and hoarding books.

You will definitely find a kindred spirit in the group once you attend your first meet-up.

The Alberti family came to live in Bevagna in the 13th century.

Donna Vanna di Celso Alberti married Giovanni Bianconi and their son Giacomo Bianconi (1220-1301) became a charismatic friar, beatified by the Church.

Do drop by, say hi, and show up on any of our F2F events. Most of the members are students, but of course, we cater to all ages - after all, bibliophiles do not age.