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He thinks this fosters sexual racism from others and from within.“There have been many times in my life where I’d consider chatting with a guy only to stop myself because I thought he might not be into Asians,” he explains.

Issues such as detriment to self-esteem and identity came up frequently, especially when people came to feel like they were only being seen for their ethnicity.” asks Min Fuh, the project lead of A-men magazine and a community health officer at ACON.Min refers me to the website after our interview starts but the term itself seems pretty self-explanatory: basically negating people out of your dating radar based on their race.When I ask about his other experiences, he tells me that about half of the people he’s slept with say things such as “I’m not usually into Asian people”.Even though Peter doesn’t feel like he’s a stereotype, he resents these comments because he’s still a part of the culture.People’s stereotypes of Asians also came up, and there had even been times when people had scoffed at him because he refused to take the “bottom” position in sex.

Joe throws back to the concept of a “whitewashed media” as he specifies an ideal that gay men worship: basically a white guy with abs.

Min says it often comes off as fetishising, which “can sometimes be a negative thing because people come in with an idea or stereotype of you.

It’s like you’re not being seen as an individual, which is similar to the other side of the spectrum”.

“A lot of Americans specifically want to date Asians,” he says.

When Peter returned, he felt more proud of his cultural identity and started to see that discrimination was the problem, not him.

Between the usual fuzziness of Lana Del Ray music and judgements of people’s clothing, an ever-hungry thought — “Am I single because I’m Asian? Does being a gay Asian, or “Gaysian” for those who like combining words, affect your dating experiences because of the way people perceive you romantically?